EVERY ARTIST STARTS a project with a problem to solve. Even if it's an abstract painter, they still have some type of formalism they want to apply to the canvas. ( 1 )

I am putting forward a series of scribblings, covering a good spectrum of ideas that fit the label of my own formalism, my personal approach to design as it directly relates to human experiences.

As I explore related disciplines and their tangents, I hope to articulate how human conceptual, living structures and patterns — letters, words, language, interaction — relate to the seams and scars, the nodes, edges, tangents, trajectories, bends, pipelines ( 2 ) they create in the systems we design.

Centering on the connection between the physical and the digital world, topics will include textual interaction, personal informatics, information interfaces, software architectures, ubiquitous and pervasive technologies.

  1. 1. An observation outlined in Francis Bacon's - "The brutality of fact"

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  2. 2. Johanna Drucker referring to how components of interfaces create cohesion in “Humanities Approaches to Interface Theory”

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